Process Refunds Live!

Hey happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming At you from high level let's keep this Train rolling so okay check this out uh Brand new feature coming out you can now Actually process refunds from within High level that's right so uh for those Who don't know this we have a Transaction section um in the payments Uh menu on the sub account on the Left-hand menu you can do lots of Payments you can do all kinds of stuff With the payments except you couldn't Refund people Um but now you can so here's the great News if you go check this out you can See right here if you go to any of the Transactions hit the three vertical dots Now there's a new Option it's called Refund and when you do that this little Window will pop up it'll ask you how Much you want to refund um etc etc and Then you can see right there it'll say Refunded or partially refunded which is Super cool because it's super smart and It knows that if you did it um uh it did All of it into some of it or whatever And then you can see right here uh you Can actually get see the transaction and Get all the details and kind of see uh That the refund happened and you can see Down here it's refunding like you have Notes and stuff so you can see why the Refund happened Um so all of that's live and it's like

Super simple kind of simple quote Unquote feature but super powerful uh For everybody who is using the Transactions and really trying to run All over payments through high level and Manage them all and do all that other Stuff so anyways um awesome job of the Team um hope everybody's having an Awesome Tuesday and I'll see you in the Next video thanks