Quick Updates Bug fixes, backend changes, & number formatter sneak peek!

Hey happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming At you from high levels so today is a Great example of a lot of small edits And updates that uh are is exactly how We continue to make the product better Even if it's not just like a big new Feature so check this out we'll go Through these real quick um but I just Want to show you what's kind of Happening behind the scenes so first up Really simple one was um we were sending This SMS when we first were creating uh New accounts we killed it because people Didn't like it move it done moving on uh We are in the background there's a ton Of changes here where essentially we're Migrating from an old database Technology to a new database technology Uh and we're doing this sort of across The board and it's basically making Things a lot faster and more stable Um and so funnels and websites did this Today uh we also did this we're doing This with custom Fields uh we also do This opportunities delete merge Um and then also uh quick updates here On the funnels and websites bug fixes so Previously due to a hydration issue and SSR images height and widths are set to Zero so that got fixed uh even with with This fixed even with the hydration Arrows uh if there are any hydrate Errors there will be no it won't have an Impact on the images that's cool and

This fix will basically just enhance the Stability of image rendering and prevent Any potential issues caused by a Hydration error so that's cool do not Announce number four matter so I'm just A quick heads up actually let me show Some visuals here Um uh this is not out but um it's being Tested in the background on our account So uh being able to have a number Formatter so be able to format things as They come through the workflows just in Terms of text and number formatting into Phone numbers currencies that kind of Thing anyways uh I won't go into too Much detail here just heads up that is On the list coming out here soon and Then finally uh real quick on forms and Surveys we had a bug bug fix go out Today where we resolved flickering Issues on the footer of the survey Loading and a fixed a bug causing Excessively large font sizes when Downloaded uh using downloadable PDFs on The survey submissions so that was cool And really big font size as well Um so anyways awesome job a bunch of Small edits but just want to get that Out hope all of you are having an Awesome Tuesday and we will see you Tomorrow folks bye

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