Revamped Affiliate Invite Emails: Effortless Access to Affiliate Portal with Magic Links


HighLevel, the leading marketing automation platform, has once again raised the bar with their latest video showcasing the revamped affiliate invite emails. With a focus on providing effortless access to the affiliate portal using magic links, HighLevel has truly simplified the affiliate management process.

Welcome emails for affiliates will be sent from the default email provider

One of the key enhancements highlighted in the video is the feature that allows welcome emails for affiliates to be sent directly from the default email provider. This means that when new affiliates join your program, they will receive an email that appears to come directly from your own domain. This personalization not only adds a professional touch but also enhances brand credibility and builds trust with your affiliates.

Magic links can now be generated for simplified access

Gone are the days of struggling with forgotten passwords or complicated login processes. HighLevel’s new affiliate invite emails now provide magic links for effortless access to the affiliate portal. Affiliates can simply click on the magic link received in their email, and it will automatically log them in to the portal. This not only saves time but also eliminates the hassle of remembering multiple login credentials. It couldn’t be easier!

New affiliate portal feature alert

In addition to the revamped invite emails and magic links, HighLevel also introduces a new feature alert in the affiliate portal. This feature provides real-time notifications and updates to affiliates, ensuring they stay informed about important program announcements, promotions, or changes. By keeping affiliates in the loop, HighLevel empowers them to effectively market your products or services, resulting in increased visibility and sales.

With HighLevel’s revamped affiliate invite emails, effortless access to the affiliate portal through magic links is just a click away. The seamless integration of these features streamlines the affiliate management process, saving both time and effort for both the program owners and the affiliates.

In summary, HighLevel’s video showcases the power of their revamped affiliate invite emails, offering effortless access to the affiliate portal with magic links. Welcome emails from the default email provider, magic links for simplified access, and the new affiliate portal feature alert are all geared towards enhancing the affiliate experience and driving success in affiliate marketing.

So why wait? Upgrade to HighLevel’s revamped affiliate invite emails today and unlock the true potential of your affiliate program!