SamCart’s new CHAT feature is a GAME-CHANGER

When your money is on the line great Customer support is a must which is why We take so much pride in providing Outstanding customer support to each and Every creator that calls Sam card home But a few months ago we launched a brand New program where we got even closer to Our top creators providing a whole new Level of support advice and diets for Months now Sam cart’s VIPs have been Able to instant message members of Team Sam cart right here in our office in Austin Texas and today we’re giving you The opportunity to do the same thanks to Their extra level of support our VIPs Speak directly to a dedicated agent Right when they need help the most that Agent knows their business tests their Products proofreads their checkouts Helps with Integrations and provides Insight into exactly what we know will Boost conversions from across the Sam Cart Universe it’s like having an extra Member of your team except we are the Ones paying their salary this extra Level of support has been so successful With our VIPs that we decided to invest Even further and allow any Sam card Customer to get the same level of Personalized dedicated Live support from The best support team members that we Have introducing dedicated Live support From Sam Carter we know that when you’re Launching a new product in the middle of

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A big promotion or spending money on Paid traffic you need help in a Flash And you can’t afford to wait hours just To get a reply that doesn’t really Understand your problem in the first Place with dedicated Live support you Can now connect to our best support Experts in under a minute using the new Live chat widget found right in the Bottom corner of your dashboard and when You chat with our team you’ll never go Through a bot first or get shipped out To some team that doesn’t understand Your business and can only answer very Specific types of questions instead You’ll be connected directly to a Full-time member of Team Sam cart no Bots no Outsourcing our team can help Troubleshoot integration problems answer Setup questions suggest tweaks that will Boost conversions and help you test out Your checkouts so you know everything is Perfect and ready for your customers our Team also knows exactly where you are in Your Sam card account so you don’t have To waste more time getting someone up to Speed on what it is that you’re Struggling to create and we know life Happens so if you step away from your Computer and you come back you can pick Up any conversation right where you left Off just another way to save you time And get you back to selling as quickly As possible dedicated Live Support also

Brings our team members closer to your Business you can submit any of your Checkouts to receive a conversion audit From our team where we will walk you Through an 11 Point checklist and Provide suggestions that will boost your Conversions and grow your average order Value this team brings the expertise of Exactly what Sam cart’s top creators do To make more money and brings that Knowledge to your business so you can do The same so you’ll feel secure knowing That your checkouts are set up perfectly And ready to sell and just like with our Sam card VIPs dedicated life support Gives you access to exclusive beta Features so that you can help us test And shape what Sam cart is building next Our VIP customers have spoken they have Rated this extra level of support and Guidance a 4.9 out of 5 stars and here’s Exactly what a few of them had to say When we release dedicated Live support Into their accounts this extra level of Support is awesome 5 out of 5. so Excited this live chat feature is a Reality now such an upgrade to an Already great product Suite this is the Best feature that has happened even with All the great new features that you guys Have launched I got to a live person Quickly and they obviously speak English Those are two huge keys to success for Me we are so excited to offer you a

Brand new Avenue to get even more help And guidance from our team dedicated Life support has helped our VIP creators Launch faster eliminate friction for Their customers and most importantly Grow their bottom line and we’re Thrilled to be able to offer that same Level of support to you and so for the Very first time you can add dedicated Live support to your Marketplace for Just 19 a month this price is as low as It will ever get and is our extra Investment in helping your business Succeed this one price includes the live Chat widget right inside of your Dashboard access to our in-house experts Right here on team Sam car it covers you And every single member of your team at No extra cost it allows you to submit Your checkouts for that 11 part Conversion audit before you go live and Get you and your Marketplace access to Exclusive beta features before anyone Else but most importantly it gets you Help when you need it from a team that Understands your business and actually Knows more about the tool you’re using Than you do for a change add dedicated Live support to your account today click Below to learn more and get instruction On exactly how you can add this brand New level of support for you and your Team now Foreign

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