Sell a lot more without buying ads affiliate manager updates!

Hey happy Friday everybody Sean coming At you from high levels so uh let's talk About the affiliate management software So a couple things so first and foremost For those of you who don't know we have An affiliate management software built Into the system which is also in my Opinion known as referral management Software and also in my not so humble Opinion is the absolute best way on Planet Earth to grow a business Um whether you're an agency or a med spa Or any other small business because all It is is it's actually using the Capacity to take an offer let's all Think Groupon if we're if we if any of Us are old enough remember that but Basically think about taking an offer Giving it to a existing customer and Saying listen if you're go give this to Your friends it's trackable it's a link And if they buy then we'll give you X Like X percentage of that sale for Example and oh my goodness wouldn't it Be amazing you could incentivize people To run around and actually uh actually Have them talk about your product or Service or or store or whatever and Instead of buying ads on Facebook or Google you could just simply pay your Existing customers to talk about you wow What an amazing idea so anyways now that I got that out of the way let's just Talk about an affiliate an update that

We put out uh today here so when Creating a campaign Affiliates can now Actually be bulk added so this is the Idea that when you're in the affiliate Management Um uh software section and you're adding A campaign a campaign and basically is Just sort of think about it like as Setting up an affiliate uh motion where You're choosing like what to pay out on And how much you want to pay and all This other stuff you can also now bulk Ad Affiliates on mass without having any Issues with that um you can see here Whoops um and so basically you can Search all the people that you want to Add you select the box or you could just Select everybody everybody and boom so This is the idea that you know you want To basically simplify this idea of Creating the campaign as well as adding People to the campaign so that's pretty Easy to do now um they did a great job With that so you can kind of see here All the details and then also on the Bugs number four uh format has been Fixed in the CSV export uh the lead Status was added back into the filter Drop down and guess what what's coming Next I know everybody asked about this The client portal the off flow login Screens and affiliate manager apis are Ready um they're in the testing phase And are being coordinated with the

Membership team to complete an End-to-end release and also manually Adding sales to Affiliates is up next so The two new things coming up after this Client portal and manually adding sales To Affiliates coming very soon on the Note hope you're having an amazing Friday and we'll talk soon thanks