Send new messages faster & better!

Hey happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming At you from high levels so we got a Brand new enhancement to the Conversations page on the new Conversations design and what that Basically means is if you haven't Already go into settings on the left Hand side and make sure you're going Under labs and we've got a bunch of Awesome Labs features here eyes to say Oh but I would if it were me I would Turn them all on as I have here but as You can see right here make sure you Turn on this for conversations so that Way you can get the uh what we're about What I'm about to show you and basically When you go to conversations you hit Create new messages it's a brand new Create message flow now let's jump into The release notes so we can look at this Kind of together but basically here's What's going on um you can now search Contacts by name email our phone when Creating a new message if no contacts Are available you can create a new Contact and user can also create a new Message by any channel so basically Here's the flow we were just looking at We're creating a new message we're Selecting existing contact or if not we Can go ahead and create a new one and Then when we're creating a new message As you can see we can also do it we can Put in a phone put an email all that

Wonderful stuff so it just makes uh Going in and actually uh adding a or Creating a new message a lot lot easier Because now you're able to do it either Emo or phone and if there's no contact There you can absolutely create one so Anyways that's an awesome enhancement Really quick short simple sweet to the Point and I'll see you in the next video Thanks