Shortcut to Expert Status [Russell Brunson, Expert Secrets]

Shortcut to Expert Status [Russell Brunson, Expert Secrets]

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You will make more money if you are seen as an expert…
In fact, everything about your business becomes easier…
It’s easier to get clients…
To charge high fees…
To be welcomed into the in-group in your industry…
And so on.
The more perceived expertise you have, the easier business becomes.
This is a lesson I know I heard from Dan Kennedy a long time ago… But I was recently reminded of it from Russell Brunson, in his book Expert Secrets. (And It’s something I’ve done often!)
Most people think becoming a recognized expert is hard — it doesn’t have to be…
In fact, with today’s tip, you’ll have a shortcut to becoming recognized as an expert in your field.
No matter what it is.
Almost no matter your experience.
In fact, when I was pretty novice at copywriting, I used this little secret…
It’s how I connected with Brian Kurtz, #2 at Boardroom, Inc., while they were doing $100-million-plus per year…
And it eventually led Brian to hire me to write his sales letter for the Titans of Direct Response.
I share that after I share the tip in today’s video.
Watch now for your shortcut to expert status.
Yours for bigger breakthroughs,
Roy Furr

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