SMS Calling Black List Live + Lower threshold for SMS limits live!

Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean coming At you from high level today we have Some awesome updates so let's dive in And let's get started so first up um we Are launching the inbound call SMS DND Basically this is The Blacklist for uh Inbound calling or uh SMS so anybody who Uh SMS is in or calls in and you say oh This is a spammer or scammer or somebody I don't want uh to show up you can Actually go in and actually mark them as DND and let me show you on the contact Details screen here's what you're going To see we already have this DND Preferences section you've seen it Before but now you have down here at the Bottom DND inbound calls and SMS so you Can see that that's in there and as you Can see users will not be able to enable It so no new calls no or messages for DND will be forwarded audit logs will Keep track of any user action so you'll Be able to see who got DND and the Conversation section will clearly Indicate that DND is uh is on and make It easily identifiable you'll see it Like this so at the top it'll say Inbound calls and sms's for this contact Are blocked then you can click the Unblock button if you want to unblock Them so that's really awesome and then Quick enhancement here being you can Actually agency owners and admins can Also Now set lower than five thousand

Five thousand not dollar five thousand Uh SMS daily limits for sub accounts the Minimum number of messages can now be Set to 250 a day or is it and you can Maximum 10K a day Um this is actually in the uh agency Section if you go into any of your sub Accounts you can say Hey listen I want To be able to lock this down essentially To x amount of day and we just basically Allowed it to lower the lower the Threshold on it to make that easier for People uh and then of course there are a Couple of small bug enhancements here That you can read Um and then of course on the uh if you Want more info on the inbound DND just Go to the changelog again that's top Left or top right hand corner speaker Icon or help.ohi Change log at the in the top menu so Anyways Um onto the on to other videos as well I Hope all of you are having an awesome Start to your Thursday and I will see You in a second thanks