Social Planner Reconnect Improvements Live!

Hey happy Monday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so if this says Do not announce and what's funny is look At the day it was four days ago I Actually didn't announce this I know You're all shocked but here's why they Had to do a migration first and I Thought that was a smart thing to do so I respected the Do not announce but Today's my day because the migration is Done so this is an update to the social Planner and here's what they did which Is really cool a great example of the uh Team uh going in and actually continuing To optimize stuff so let's walk this Down and I'll show you some screenshots So first up social planner reconnect Enhancement allows multiple admins and Pages or groups that can reconnect Irrespective of who has connected to the Social account this is this idea that People like performs like if I didn't if You connected the Social account like The Facebook account or the Twitter Account whatever and I didn't I couldn't Like I couldn't come in and reconnect it And it caused a big hassle and all this Anyways major use cases were yeah you Can you can own a Facebook page or other Socials called like for example Marketing ninjas Um along with multiple admins um you've Connected the marketing ninja inside the Social planner the token expired let's

Say because you changed the password or Whatever Um earlier you'd have to like have the Original person do it now you can have Somebody else do it which is awesome Right your own Facebook page you've Connected inside the social planner You'll create 25 posts once the account Is expired you're not um you're not Around and someone else wants to Actually do it they can't do that so That's awesome so anyways really cool uh Way to do that and then also on the Enhancement side so the Social account Connection Pages user interface has also Been radically improved these are ugly Available to not only will be able to View the reason for the errors and There's helpful articles and stuff on How to make this like as to like why This happens you can search the names of Social accounts you can connect the Connect button add multiple groups Locations of profiles you can the Reconnect button for expired accounts And again reasons for the error so Anyways we think this will actually cut Down at about 40 of the sport tickets And that should mean that you don't have To open them so that's pretty awesome so Anyways let's dive in real quick let's Take a look at some of these screenshots And walk it down so as you can see right Here this makes it super easy to say yep

On the Facebook account so you can add Multiple this is that sort of easy way To do it plus the search box up there Makes it very simple and then you can See down here Um if uh if there's like a problem like Oh hey you need the lead connector app On the group in order to actually have Permission to post or warning you about This I think the team did such a great Job on this as well and then here you Can see we're breaking this up in terms Of pages and groups then also just Letting you know Hey listen uh you need To be a group admin and you also need to Have the app in there it's trying to Kind of kind of tell you what you need In order to actually make this work Um and then here um with this name There's no page associated with it's Just kind of an error message if you Don't have it in there blah blah blah Okay and then here's this is cool so on The reconnect you can see here it's like Hey you need to have a permit permission On the page ensure adequate page Permission you can click that and we'll Actually tell you what permissions are Missing so I think the team did a Fabulous job on all of that so anyways Um just wanted to get this out I think They did such a great job on this Hopefully it improves the experience for All of you on the note I hope you're

Having an awesome Monday and I will see You in the next video thanks