Tag Search in Contacts & Speed Improvement!

Hey happy Wednesday everybody Sean Coming at you from high level so we've Got a lot of updates today I'm super Excited so let's dive in so first up CRM Team uh updates search option in tags Filter and smart list so the CRM team is Thrilled to introduce a new surge filter For tags in the smart list section of The CRM so if you come in over here you Pop out the filter so this is under the Contact Section in the sub account You're going over to the filter section And now you can actually search through The tags to make it a heck of a lot Easier to find the tags that you are Looking for right so easily find the Tags but that's also excited to announce That the new search filter will resolve The issue of page phrases caused by Heavy loading because some of you have a Bajajillion tags I don't even know if That's a number but a whole lot of them Tags and so as a result this will Radically increase the speed of uh load On that page when you're dealing with Attacks so anyways small update But Mighty and I'll see in the next video Thanks