The Benefits of Using Short Labels on Forms for Improved User Experience

Short labels on forms can greatly enhance the user experience. By employing concise and succinct wording, he or she can navigate through the form more efficiently. With limited distractions and clear instructions, they are less likely to feel overwhelmed or confused. Furthermore, by utilizing short labels, the forms can be optimized for mobile devices, where screen space is often at a premium. His or her interactions become smoother, resulting in a pleasant and streamlined user experience.


In the world of digital technology, user experience is paramount. Whether it’s browsing a website, using an app, or filling out a form, the way users interact with digital interfaces greatly affects their overall satisfaction. One company that understands this concept is HighLevel, a leading provider of marketing automation software. In their latest video, Sean, one of the team members, introduces a new feature called “short labels” in the Form and Survey Builder. This article will delve into the benefits of using short labels on forms for an improved user experience.

Improved Clarity and Guidance

Short labels, as introduced by Sean, are descriptive labels located underneath fields that provide users with more information. This additional context helps clarify the purpose of each field, minimizing confusion and increasing user confidence. By clearly labeling each input field, users can easily understand what information is required, resulting in a smoother and more efficient form-filling process.

Enhanced Navigation and Presentation

With short labels, forms become more intuitive and easier to navigate. By providing concise descriptions beneath each field, users can quickly identify what type of information is expected. This improves the overall flow of the form, reducing frustration and potential errors. Additionally, short labels contribute to a more visually appealing form layout, enhancing the overall presentation and professionalism of the user interface.

Consistency in Forms

Consistency is key when it comes to building user trust and familiarity. Short labels play a crucial role in achieving this consistency within forms. By using standardized labels across fields, users can easily recognize patterns and conventions, resulting in a more seamless form-filling experience. Consistent labeling also helps users understand the significance of each field, ensuring that they provide accurate and relevant information.

Enabling Short Labels in the Form Builder

HighLevel has implemented the short labels feature into their form builder, allowing users to take advantage of this powerful tool. By enabling the new form builder in the labs, users can effortlessly view and style the short labels to align with their branding and design preferences. This level of customization ensures that forms blend seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of a website or app, further enhancing the user experience.

The Forms Team’s Achievement

Sean praises the forms team for doing a great job in implementing the short labels feature. Their dedication and expertise have led to the development of a valuable tool that significantly improves user experience. The forms team’s attention to detail and commitment to creating user-friendly interfaces deserve recognition and appreciation.

Wishing a Happy Monday and an Awesome Week

As the video comes to a close, Sean takes a moment to wish everyone a happy Monday and an awesome week ahead. This thoughtful gesture adds a personal touch to the video, making viewers feel connected and valued. HighLevel’s commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond just software features, demonstrating their dedication to building meaningful relationships with their audience.

Signing Off and Gratitude

Sean wraps up the video by thanking viewers for taking the time to watch. Expressing gratitude is essential in creating a positive brand image, and HighLevel excels at it. By acknowledging and appreciating their audience, HighLevel demonstrates their commitment to delivering value and building a strong community.

See You in the Next Video

Sean concludes the video by mentioning that he will see everyone in the next video. This leaves viewers anticipating future content, building excitement and engagement. HighLevel’s consistent delivery of informative and valuable videos keeps their audience coming back for more.


Short labels in forms are a game-changer when it comes to enhancing user experience. The benefits of improved clarity, guidance, navigation, presentation, and consistency in forms cannot be overstated. HighLevel’s introduction of short labels in their Form and Survey Builder demonstrates their commitment to user-centric design and their continuous effort to provide innovative solutions. By embracing this new feature, businesses can streamline their forms, boost user satisfaction, and ultimately achieve better results.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. How do short labels improve user experience?
  • Short labels provide clarity and guidance to users, making it easier and more intuitive to fill out forms.
  1. Can short labels be customized to match a website’s design?
  • Yes, HighLevel’s form builder allows users to style the short labels to align with their branding and design preferences.
  1. Do short labels contribute to consistency in forms?
  • Absolutely. By using standardized labels, short labels ensure a consistent and familiar form-filling experience.
  1. What role does the forms team play in implementing short labels?
  • The forms team at HighLevel has done a commendable job in implementing the short labels feature, improving the overall user experience.
  1. Why is it important for companies like HighLevel to express gratitude towards their audience?
  • Expressing gratitude builds positive brand image and fosters stronger relationships with the audience. It shows a company’s commitment to delivering value and building a community.