The Daily Q&A: Calendars

Foreign Welcome to the Daily q a brought to you By the high level training and knowledge Team Hi guys welcome thank you so much for Joining us today today we have the Pleasure to have once again Maggie she's One of our favorite Specialists because She knows everything about the product Thank you so much Maggie for being here Guys I need to please remind you that This is not support we are not able to Troubleshooting here we are going to Help you with the setup and general Questions but if you need support or Troubleshoot you need to go to the Support live chat okay please try to be Respectful with Maggie's time she's Going to go through and slide egg and After that we can go to the questions Today topic is calendar so all of those Unrelated questions are not going to be Solved So please if you have questions start Typing them on the zoom chat and we can Start now please keep in mind that your Microphone should be muted until is your Turn so we're gonna start thank you so Much Maggie again for being here thank You Josh and Let's do this guys Hey everybody uh my name is Maggie I'm With the automations team so I basically Handle all workflows and calendars and a

Little bit of reporting Um so I'm happy to be here I love uh Working with you guys and I love just Sharing parts of the system and help you Guys out in the long run uh we're going To be going over some pretty quick Topics uh they won't take like uh as Long as our usual uh Q A's just because They're pretty simple and there's a lot Of really good tips and tricks that I Can go through for each one of them so That you guys don't have to kind of run Into a wall whenever you're encountering The problem Um so we'll jump right into it uh we're Mainly going to be focusing all on uh How to set up your calendar and how to Avoid like certain problems uh that are Very common we noticed in the system so I'm going to share my screen Okay wonderful So Here we're just doing a Calendars and so for the agenda today We're going to be going over how to sync Group calendars how to prevent double Bookings and availability issues uh Really I've always noticed that uh the Biggest issue uh that we've ever see in The system is for preventing double Bookings uh since that's usually a Priority for most people especially when They're doing like a Dentistry or Chiropractor there's only one

Chiropractor available so a double Booking is always a large concern and Then availability problems they kind of Go hand in hand but we'll definitely go Over all of them so how do you sync a Group calendar so This kind of goes into how do you sync a Calendar in general so we always have to Be aware for what we want to sync with Which calendar and then uh how do we Actually want all of them to interact so Um you can always go in here and Actually connect your calendars because It will give you like links to connect Uh your calendars I think it's easiest To just go to my profile so whenever You're logged in Uh as whoever you are so uh whenever You're logged in with your email if you Want to do it for a user you would just Go up here and then log in as that user You can see I have a little silly test Here so this would be my secondary user Who maybe they have a separate Outlook Calendar that they actually want to set Up for themselves so that they are able To use the system uh It's fighting back with me it says it Does not want me to be silly test today It only wants me to be serious baggy but Let me just reload it So it's a little faster Get back in there but uh whenever I'm Actually setting up my own calendar I

Tend to avoid going into the connections Section because it's a little bit newer And I've noticed that sometimes with Like syncing it it can kind of argue a Little bit so I actually prefer always Going to uh my profile since it it's a It's been here since forever and it's a Lot more reliable in terms of me being Able to see my sync options and uh how My calendar actually connects so I'm Back on here I'm again back as Maggie Test Uh so if you're a user inside of this Sub account you will see in my staff Here Um your name sometimes it takes a little Bit because I have a bunch of tabs in The background so my system can load a Little slowly I never have less than 20 tabs open as My philosophy on my own work computer But as long as you're in this list on my Staff you can even search by name and or Email or phone number as long as you're In here and this long list you should be Good to go that's the main priority is To make sure you're there and then You'll get on my profile here in the Settings so if I hit go back I go to Settings my profile once you're here You'll see the only way to actually Connect your outlook Calendar Beyond Connections and calendars you can Connect it here it'll ask you to log in

I personally don't have an Outlook Calendar because I haven't had one since My college days I don't even remember The password but if you ever have an Outlook calendar you want to connect You're more than welcome to do that I Will advise in terms of connecting Outlook calendars we are currently Working with Microsoft to get more Permissions in terms of connection for Outlook calendars when it comes to Business Outlook accounts anytime that You see that your outlook's not Integrating correctly like oh it's like Keeps breaking I don't know why if you Come over here and there's a red Triangle it's probably because our lack Of integration with Microsoft at the Moment we are in talks with them to Improve it but just be aware in terms Whatever you're connecting Outlook if It's a business account sometimes There's a lack of Integration permissions set by Microsoft But we are improving it I promise this Is like a priority for us in terms of Integrations Um but other than that you would have to Go to Integrations to connect your Google calendar you would just sign into Your Google account while logged in as Your user and when you go to my profile It will show right here It'll ask you to um uh pick your sync

Option do you want to use primary Calendar what have you you're more than Welcome to uh kind of set it up however You'd like once you do that in calendars Here Once it loads Uh you'll have a couple calendars the Only main difference that really uh I Would tell you guys uh they changed the Verbiage for the upcoming uh updates We're putting in the system so you'll See really we have event booking uh and A few others really the all you need to Think about is in terms of simple Calendar this is like the old old Version we used to have that we've Always had for a long time uh you can Just put your name name of calendar Tests Uh you know your url You always need to add one Firm and then uh that's good so let's Close that And then I made new tests Scroll down Uh really it's just simple Um it's kind of funny because we even Have like the new new version so it Doesn't even show like how it was used To be old wise where it asks you to link A calendar down here Um you can link it here but it's now in Connections Um on an event calendar so a simplified

Calendar which is just like a unassigned Calendar no users are attached to it Um you can actually go in here and Select the Google Calendar that you have Integrated now be aware Google calendars Are only able to be on event calendars And or unassigned calendars you can only Connect Google you cannot connect Outlook right now it's just the way that It's set up we're working towards like Advancements on the event calendar which Is just again the simplified calendar But we're not there yet it's not an Option Um just because we're working with Outlook to make it more and more usable Um so just be aware if you're using an Event calendar or like an unassigned Calendar Only Google if you're using round robin I'll wait for it to show up It wants to fight me today So we'll edit a round robin calendar Uh when you're entering a Round robin calendar Um so you can pick a group to add it to But you can technically do that with all Calendars Um but you would just pick availability And add in a user whenever you're Connecting a user to a round robin Booking calendar uh the only thing you Need to be aware of is uh so you select Team members

Whatever calendar you have selected in My profile is the sync option it's going To be on that round robin booking Calendar Now in terms of getting them all Together in a group so technically when You're doing a group calendar Um you would just go over to groups here And you can just create a group Um Well you can create calendar but you can Create group here so let's just call it Like testing nine Uh testing purposes 15 minutes that's fine oh well I guess It won't be on a bunch of numbers So whenever I create a group testing Nine Um it's pretty simple it's just grabbing A scheduling link It's just like these calendars but the Only thing you have to do is you would Click the action drop down and move to a Group Testing And let's say I like I add this one and I add this one so these calendars Technically uh in a group setting are Not going to acknowledge each other uh The only thing that the group calendar Necessarily does is acknowledges that These are two options to book so if I Went into the group and I grabbed the Scheduling link it'll give me the option

To look for both of those uh calendars Let's wait for it to load but um In terms of like syncing all of them if You wanted to sync all of the calendars In the same group you just need to make Sure that either it's the same user if It's to round robin booking calendars or In the event booking calendar uh you're Syncing the well now it's just saying Reserve with Google but Um you would just need to make sure that You're connecting the same Google Calendar uh in here you're syncing the Same one so like if you had two Calendars they'd both be synced with the Same Google Calendar that's the way to That you can sync up all of your group Calendars Um so you see I can choose either or if These were both around Robin Book Encounters I would only pick the same User and if they were both event Calendars I would sync the same Google Calendar because again remember uh you Cannot sync Outlook to an event calendar So in terms of syncing group calendars It's really all about all the little Components because the group itself Cannot sync them it's really the Calendars themselves sync with each Other and but you can put them all into A group if you wish the group is just to Make it easier for like any leads who Want to book and you want to give them a

Bunch of options Uh so that's mainly the idea of syncing All of your group calendars it's really Just all these little Parts you're Making sure all the parts are ready and Synced before adding to the group But uh does anybody have like any Specific questions regarding a group Calendar we can definitely go over that Before we go to the next step Um I think no McGee okay We can continue and Perfect Thank you so for the next part so this Is a very important how do I prevent Double uh double bookings Um so this is very important Um it Doesn't happen so much with this busy Section that we're going to go over but It's really all about making sure that The System uh is acknowledging your Calendars so how do we make sure that This Surefire way and the easiest way to Do it Is whenever you're done integrating so Let's say my profile let's say like I Have my calendar configuration all set Up it all looks fantastic I'm happy with It I connected my Outlook I go over here to Calendars

And then I look at my calendar but There's nothing here I'm like wait that Doesn't make any sense I'm looking at my Google Calendar I have 15 million uh Appointments on there that like I I Booked for myself like for personal time For like a family vacation I have lunch At this time why are none of the events Showing up here and oh I just got booked On my test calendar on ghl now I'm Double booked what's happening so Whenever you're done actually in my Profile and you're done syncing up your Calendar uh and like picking which Calendar you want go high level to Acknowledge uh the first step I always Want you guys to do is go straight to Calendars and check your setup here make Sure that your events are populating on Go high level from Google or Outlook Because no matter how you sync it as Long as you select uh the calendar you Want to show up here the events will Show up go high level to Google and Google to go a high level even if you Pick one way or two-way sync on like an Event calendar somewhere they are Talking to each other no matter what Usually that is just the sync options Are more so just to change the color or How the event is read not how many Events are read so no matter what when You connect go high level with your Google or Outlook

Um events are being shared both ways There's there's no way around that they Just do it that way Now what the uh slide deck would we Actually be talking about here when it Says ensure your time blocks are marked As busy So When you actually create a like a block Of time Um when you click into it it can say Busy or free so on your actual Google Calendar I'm pretty sure I have access to Google Account I never play with it Uh so if you're blocking off time in Here I have not touched where is it So make sure you're marking it as busy So like Let's say you're in your Google calendar This is me I exist in here all the time You'll see even Maggie Um I have a bunch of uh fake Appointments because I'm always testing Appointments in the system but Um in here You can see if I click this I can add an Event so like let's say test event so I Am here on test event I can add any Groups or do anything I want inside of This but I actually have to click more Options I go in here and I have to Market busy so the reason we Market busy

Is because go high level uh calendars Are crazily enough pretty dang smart if You ask me I think they're pretty Intelligent in how they read each event Um if a event is marked as free it Actually changes the color to be like a Very light green And if you click into the event it says Free that means that although you have That block on your calendar in Google And it's being brought over to go high Level the go high level calendar can Still book at that time so that I see Oftentimes is a very common thing if you Were like why am I able to double book This makes no sense even Google is Blocking the time off like why would That even happen and so To avoid that always mark them as busy Because these busy events will stop you From getting double booked which can be Incredibly annoying uh considering that You don't want to be uh booked uh Multiple times for the same uh time slot So always make sure you're marking them As busy uh whenever you're doing it on Google and I'm pretty sure Outlook has a Very similar Um interface I just haven't worked on Outlook in a very long time excuse my Lack of knowledge there just because I Haven't had an Outlook in around three Years but Whenever you're creating events just be

Very aware of how you're marking them And how you're setting up because go High level will take it very literally When it actually brings the event over Uh and reads it Um but in terms of Um manual book double check fill a bit Yep so manual booking I tell this to all My l1s actually because I'm always Terrified that they'll make this uh Mistake so let's make testing tests Prime Zone doesn't necessarily matter For this example but three Okay Perfect and then test at Smooth out of the way And let's let this load And so uh basically what I'm going to Show here is how you can actually kind Of pseudo get around the rules of uh What you set up in your calendar so Um always be aware whenever you're Booking in manually uh that you can Ignore everything by clicking custom When you click custom you could just Book anytime you want it it'll ignore Um any bookings you have it'll ignore The time slots you have it'll ignore any Blocks of time from Google or Outlook You can literally play uh with the System as much as you want you can click Anything as long as the time is not in The past And it actually might even let you do it

In the past Yep you can even do it in the past let Me see 10th Oh one second I'm just clicking it that Would technically be noon let's do 8 AM Yep you can see even do it in the past So always be very cognizant if you're Ever going to click custom you can Double book yourself when you're booking Manually this is only with manual you Can't do this on the actual booking Widget so that you're safe there and Your leads are safe from making this Mistake but in standard you don't have To worry about that the only thing you Have to worry about in terms of Booking or like making a mistake in Terms of using manual is uh I can book Infinitely on this calendar Because I can ignore A calendar date range so if you have Availability set up in your calendar for Date range of like 20 so you can only Book over 20 days Manually booking completely ignores that You can book infinitely you can book Anytime you want even in standard the Reason for that is because we wanted to Give as much freedom to the user in Terms of booking while listening to the Constraints of a user availability so it Always checks is the user available but It will ignore the um I'll show it right Here

Uh availability Uh where is it Maximum booking per day Maximum scheduling length of time it Used to be called date range In this one uh it can completely ignores This so just be aware of that when You're manually booking it will Completely ignore that which could lead To double booking Um if you've already booked so just be Cognizant of that whenever you're Manually booking that a lot of them a Lot more of the onus is on you to make Sure you're not double booking yourself Uh mainly because Um uh we want to give freedom to the User but we also want to make sure that Uh you're checking before you're booking But really Um to sum it all up we always want to Make sure that whenever we're Integrating our calendars Outlook or Google we are double checking on the Calendar here itself to make sure that That time is blocked off if it's not There's obviously an issue and um you Can obviously come to us and we can Double check Um I would rep recommend uh Reintegrating if you don't see the Events here uh like immediately Disconnect your Google Outlook and then Reintegrate it right away and connect it

Just fine that's usually how we Recommend actually connecting everything Um since that would be like the first Thing we would try uh so always try that First if the events still aren't syncing Correctly and you're getting double Booked or not even getting double booked Like the events aren't syncing you want To not get double books in the future Come on over to us and we can absolutely Solve that uh pretty pretty quickly Um it's never really a long wait on in Terms of uh Integrations not syncing up Uh correctly Um and then otherwise uh make sure your Market is busy it's always important to Make sure all the options on your uh Events from Google or Outlook are set up Correctly because uh the system is Terrible at assuming it's a very literal System it it checks checks twice and Makes sure that uh it's following your Rules so uh it does expect to follow the Instructions that you sent for it uh and Then lastly uh manual booking always be Sure if you're using custom you're very Aware of where you're booking because You can double book yourself pretty Easily and uh it ignores date range uh We did that to give you guys um freedom But in terms of that that should be Everything in terms of double booking Just to cover all the bases does anyone Have like a direct question on double

Booking uh that I can go over for you Really this is not related Maggie I'm Not sure if you wanted to end and we can Go directly to the open q a or if Uh Is this is this next one because we have One more Yeah this yeah you you can finish up the Presentation and we can go over the Questions Okay yeah I I just wanted to make sure To uh uh if if this wasn't if we didn't Want to go over this one anymore we Didn't have to but I think this is also Pretty good because I actually get to Show my very patent uh our patent Maggie Uh Um a troubleshooting guide that I always Do for availability on counters correct Uh because I do this with my l1s Everybody so uh this is my favorite Um any time that you see a calendar Widget is not allowing booking the way That you want it to I actually have a uh Way that I've done it always like the Entire time I've worked here I've always Done this form of uh display whenever I Am actually checking so I actually make Around three Um Three distinct Uh tabs so on the first tab I keep it on The actual user calendar uh and or the Calendar in question

Um well actually I keep it on if it's a Round robin book encounter I look at the User so this would be the user my Calendar and or if there was another User I would look at them on the second One I look at the calendar itself so Like let's say we're looking at testing Nine I think testing nine is a We'll wait for just to see if it's a Round robin booking calendar or not Because I want to make sure in this case It would be if we were looking at a User's calendar we're looking at a round Robin so testing environments let's swap It Uh I would actually open the calendar Question that I'm looking at and then I Would Go over here go to the calendar that has The problem grab the scheduling link Open up this tab so now I can see oh how How am I allowed to book what am I Booking And then I would edit this And I would look at the availability so This is kind of like my master control Panel here And there's one last uh one that I'd Actually opened I would duplicate this so we're looking At the user calendar because the user is Key whenever booking on a round robin Booking calendar we look at the calendar Itself to make sure that the slot isn't

Blocked Uh and then while this is loading uh We're looking at the actual settings of The calendar because if we don't look at This we won't know what these settings Of availability even are so I'm a Technically available eight to five Um Monday through Friday And to make it even more realistic I'm available nine to five it's my real Schedule Um but let's wait for this perfect the Last thing we'll always check and you Don't have to keep this open afterwards Uh just double check your time zone for Your business profile because this is The time zone Um that everything functions off of so Whatever time zone is set here that Means nine to five EDT so always make sure because the These time frames are only in the Business profiles time frame Um and you can actually edit your users If it ever loads my my staff has been Fighting me Uh and I'm gonna double check that Actually nah we'll just get rid of that Um you always want to make sure your User availability is is open too Um just because my my staff won't load Right now uh just because it's uh having A little bit of a moment probably Because of some kind of cash in my

System Um but uh we would always check Is the user free Is the calendar free And then here we'd look is the user Available because there's a user Availability in my staff And then is the calendar open so if I Want to book it 4 pm Uh Is the let's say 4 P.M today 4 pm is free Scroll down 4 pm is free I would Technically you know go to settings my Staff I would check uh me oh perfect it Loaded uh user availability uh and I'm In ADT you can change this so like let's Say I did PDT It doesn't want me to type Where does it go Looking for at least one that I know off Top of my head like CST It gets hard when it's like pkt and I Don't know the real time Uh conversion but let's see real quick So CDT Let's say I'm in CDT uh and I'm nine two Five P.M Five So technically this is an hour behind so This would technically be eight to four Um so I should not be available to book Uh uh four to five and if I update this

After I save this It should do that unless it's silly test On there But let's save that and then if I update It still hasn't saved but Um oh error status I have too many tabs Open but the idea there is that Um the user availability directly Influences the calendar too so if you're Using round robin booking calendar Always compare these because if you Don't then it can oftentimes lead to Errors or confusion especially when You're like oh I have the time zone set Up correctly here we need to make sure That your staff is set up the correctly As well but that should be the whole Kick poodle for that it's always just Making sure there's a lot to consider Here whenever your why is my calendar Not showing availability you just have To check a lot of things because these All influence each other Um so we always have to make sure that We're uh checking and if you don't if You can't see why something's happening Uh we check it for you anyway Um so if you're lost and you're like I Don't know why something is not letting Me book uh we would check this as well So Um always let us know and feel free to Like come to us to ask us because uh we Will cover that for you as well but um

That should be everything in terms of Um no availability on your calendar uh Please uh Let me know if you have any other Questions because we're going into the Open q a Um and Gabriella will Um be I don't know what the word for it Is but organizing the questions for me So I can make sure to get to all of you Okay we gotta start Mikey first question Thanks for joining us for the full Experience of our q a sessions be sure To join us weekdays 12 P.M to 2 p.m Eastern Time us visit us at forward slash daily QA or check us out at our Facebook group For the live stream Foreign