The Future of App Marketplace: Automating Application Installation in Sub Accounts


As an SEO writer, I am excited to share my thoughts on the future of App Marketplace and the advancements in automating application installation in sub-accounts. This new feature has revolutionized the way agencies like me onboard new clients, providing greater control and efficiency in managing applications.

Enhancing Efficiency and Control:

With the ability to automatically install applications in new sub-accounts, onboarding new clients has become more efficient than ever. This feature allows me to streamline the process, eliminating the need for manual installation and saving valuable time.

Greater Control:

Previously, I had to manually install all the necessary applications in each sub-account, which was time-consuming and tedious. However, with the automation of application installation, I now have greater control over the entire process. I can easily choose which applications to install, ensuring that each sub-account has the necessary tools and resources right from the start.

Efficiency in Onboarding:

Onboarding new clients can be a complex task, requiring careful coordination and attention to detail. The automatic installation of applications in new sub-accounts has significantly improved the efficiency of this process. I can now focus on other important aspects of client onboarding, knowing that the necessary applications are being installed automatically.

Benefit of App Marketplace:

The new App Marketplace feature has played a vital role in enabling the automatic installation of applications in sub-accounts. This marketplace provides a wide range of applications to choose from, catering to different needs and requirements. The ease of access to these applications enhances my control and efficiency in onboarding new clients.


The future of App Marketplace looks promising with the advancements in automating application installation in sub-accounts. This feature not only saves time and effort but also enhances control and efficiency in managing applications for new clients. With the ability to choose automatic installation, agencies like mine can onboard clients seamlessly and focus on delivering exceptional services. The App Marketplace has become an integral part of my workflow, revolutionizing the way I manage and install applications.