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What is a sales funnel? Which sales funnel phases are crucial? Can I construct automated sales funnel for free? If these are the concerns you are seeking answers to, welcome to Bitrix24, the world’s most popular free CRM and sales funnel automation software utilized by over 6 million groups.

To begin with, let us look at a sales funnel example as it’s offered to all totally free Bitrix24 CRM users. If you are going to produce your sale funnel for the very very first time (and please, do not use Excel sales funnel design templates), here are the main three benefits you’ll get.

Second, you’ll have the ability to track conversion rates in between each sales funnel stage. Finally, as the result of the first two, you’ll have the ability to increase your sales, both by adding cause the ‘top of the funnel’ and dealing with the ‘bottom of the funnel’ conversion rates. Let’s look at a theoretical sales funnel for an expert.

Most sales funnel automation options come with sales funnel analytics. This implies that once you begin using Bitrix24, the theoretical sales funnel will begin revealing real numbers. State out of 1000 website visitors 100 register for a webinar (10% conversion rate) and out of 100 webinar participants 20 sign up for a consultation (20% conversion rate).

BTW, if you paid to get 1000 visitors to your site, Bitrix24 Sales Intelligence will compute ROI instantly for you. So, what do you know now? Initially, you understand that your conversion rate for website visitors to paid customers is 1% (1000 site sees gets you 10 clients). So, if you wish to get 20 customers, you could just attempt to drive 2000 visitors to your website.

If you get 200 webinar participants, you’ll get 20 paid clients. And if you increase the conversion rate for free sample assessment from 20% to 30%, you’ll get 33% more paid clients. We hope this example explains what sales and marketing funnels are and what it can do for you.

A lot of services have several sales funnels or pipelines and those funnels should be linked into sales tunnels, and it’s not enough to have a sales funnel design template, it needs to be totally automated to be efficient. If you have the budget plan, you can pay your local Bitrix24 partner to do those things for you.




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