UI Update for Business Profile & Custom Left Menu Sections!

All right hey folks Sean coming at you From high levels so we've got a Two-for-one special here so um we've Been talking a lot about this new ux Um today I want to talk about it rolling Out to a couple of different places so What the heck is it what's the whole Point hey it looks a lot better and B It's also ready to go for Internationalization and I don't know if You've noticed but we've already started Rolling it out it's pretty cool um we Rolled out the calendar page in a couple Different languages we're going to Continue to rock and roll on that um More to come very shortly but for those Who want to turn this on it is a Labs Feature so under the uh left hand side Here in the sub count in the settings go Down to Labs rolling down and switching It on business profile V2 excuse me very Important now when you go back to it Whoop wrong spot well hello uh business Profile it just looks like this and What's the whole point of this like why Is it important let's jump into the Release notes and here's what we're Going to see Um the business notes profile page is Now on the micro end for an architecture This helps us with the ability to scale It's a lot faster business profile page Now on view js3 vue.js for the record is The JavaScript libraries for the front

End uh and which is awesome brings a lot Of standardization optimized user Interface and experience uh and we're Avoiding all database calls updating Location and Logo instead of using the API so that's radically faster and That's awesome so you're going to see All of this you can see like all the Different styling stuff like that it's Not a big deal but I just like to show You because it is important we're also Doing the same thing too The uh the custom menu section so if you Go to the custom menu links if you have This sort of business profile V2 turned On you'll also sort of see this new Interface there uh and it in the same Rules apply just a different look ready For internationalization a lot faster That's it that's all hope you're having An awesome Thursday and I'll see in the Next video