Utilizing Floating Text Fields in Documents and Contracts: A Comprehensive Guide


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on utilizing floating text fields in documents and contracts. We will walk you through the process of customizing fillable fields, adjusting field sizes, and adding custom values to enhance your document creation experience.

Understanding Floating Text Fields

Floating text fields are dynamic elements that can be added to contracts and documents to capture specific information. Whether you’re creating a contract for a new client or drafting a personalized letter, floating text fields offer flexibility and customization options.

Customizing Fillable Fields

  • To begin, identify the areas in your document where you want to insert fillable fields.
  • Click on the “Add Field” option and select “Text Field” to create a floating text element.
  • Customize the field label and properties to align with the information you want to collect.

Adjusting Field Sizes

  • Ensure that the field size is appropriate for the content you expect users to input.
  • Drag the corners of the field to adjust its dimensions and make it visually appealing within the document layout.

Adding Custom Values

  • Consider pre-filling certain fields with standard information to streamline the document completion process.
  • By adding custom values, you can provide context and guidance to recipients on how to interact with the document effectively.

Working with Element Menus

  • Element menus offer additional functionalities for managing floating text fields efficiently.
  • Use the menu options to copy existing elements, delete unnecessary fields, and mark specific fields as required for completion.


In conclusion, leveraging floating text fields in your documents and contracts can enhance the user experience and streamline information collection processes. By customizing fillable fields, adjusting field sizes, adding custom values, and utilizing element menus, you can create professional and user-friendly documents tailored to your specific needs. Are you ready to elevate your document creation game with floating text fields?