WordPress Migration Tool Re Released!

Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so today let's Talk about it's kind of weird we're kind Of re-releasing something but I'm so Excited it's coming back so anyways um Uh let's see WordPress hosting if you Don't know about it we have WordPress Hosting it's amazing it's awesome about Three weeks ago four weeks ago something Like that we uh we basically did a big Revamp of the infrastructure and the new Infrastructure is crushing it Scalability is amazing um performance is Even better than ever um but as part of The changeover we lost something which Is the the importation tool that allows You to move WordPress websites easily From existing installations and other Providers over to your WordPress hosting Right because remember not only is the WordPress hosting amazing but more Importantly it's not our WordPress Hosting it's your WordPress hosting and Now you can actually and of course you Can bill for it and put it into your Service options all these wonderful Things but anyways so uh re-releasing Today re-announcing today the Importation tools live as you can see Here in the WordPress section down below There it says hey please use the All-in-one WP migration plugin um There's a help doc on it I'll show it to You in a second but then you go over

Here or over there or something hold on I'm gonna get it I'm gonna get it ah There we go and then what you do is you Obviously you put the file in there it Goes and it says great awesome now you Hit request migration and that process Will begin automatically and then you'll Move over that WordPress website Um and of course as usual you can see That um you know you can obviously add Domains and do all kinds of other cool Stuff but you also get a staging domain So that you know before you even switch Everything over you can verify that the Uh the migration was successful and Working all uh super well and again if You go into the help Sectionhelp.ohiolevel.com do uh there's A getting started with WordPress guide Here uh and if you flash down over to The WordPress dashboard it talks all About how to do the importation and how All that works so anyways on that note Super excited the WordPress migration Tool is back in Action I hope all of you Have an amazing Thursday and we'll talk Soon thanks

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