A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Membership Questions in Communities


In today’s rapidly growing digital landscape, online communities have become a vital aspect of connecting and engaging with like-minded individuals. These communities serve as a platform where people can share ideas, gain knowledge, and build valuable relationships. Community owners understand the importance of admitting passionate and engaged members who align with the community’s values and purpose. HighLevel, a leading marketing automation platform, recognizes this need and has introduced a remarkable feature that allows community owners to set up membership questions.

Setting Up Membership Questions

HighLevel’s tutorial video provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to add membership questions in GoHighLevel communities. This new feature is designed to help community admins vet potential members based on their answers. Inclusivity and relevance are paramount, and setting up membership questions ensures that community owners are accepting individuals who will actively contribute to the community’s growth.

Three Types of Questions

The tutorial video explains that there are three types of membership questions that can be added to the community signup process: textbox, single select, and multiple select questions. Each type has its own advantages and is suited for different scenarios.

  1. Textbox Questions: This type allows potential members to provide detailed answers in their own words. It is especially valuable when open-ended responses are desired, as it allows for more personalized and nuanced answers.

  2. Single Select Questions: With this type of question, community owners can present members with a list of predefined answers from which they can choose one. It is useful when a specific choice needs to be made or when multiple choice isn’t necessary.

  3. Multiple Select Questions: In scenarios where multiple choices can apply, community owners can utilize multiple select questions. This type allows members to select more than one answer, offering flexibility and accommodating various preferences.

Ensuring Community Alignment

By incorporating membership questions into the community signup process, community owners can ensure that they admit members who are genuinely interested and align with their community’s purpose. This new feature grants the admin the ability to analyze potential members’ answers, initiating a systematic verification process.

In conclusion, HighLevel’s tutorial video provides a user-friendly and intuitive guide to setting up membership questions in communities. This feature enables community owners to build strong, engaged communities by carefully assessing and admitting members who share a common passion. With HighLevel’s innovative solution, admins can effortlessly create membership questions in GoHighLevel communities, leveraging the power of technology to foster authentic connections.

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