Agency Owner Role Launched!

Hey happy Wednesday everybody Sean Coming at you from high levels so this Is our final video of the day but this Is a very important one so we are Introducing the concept of an agency Owner so looking uh sort of high level Here when you first sign up Um there's this idea that um like who Owns the agency account or who's like The agency owner um we've never really Defined that we just have like you can Have multiple agency admins and that Kind of thing and so what we really Wanted to do is really create an Elevated person and there's a couple Reasons for this right so um let's walk This through this is to establish the Accounts primary owner um and to Route Like key communication so there's two Reasons here so one is ownership which Is awesome and the other is key Communication so it could be things like I don't know like your bill if your Credit card bounces or something or Financial information something like That or maybe you want to have employees Or admins but you know you don't want to Have uh but you don't want them getting Information like that that kind of sort Of thing so anyways um for new agency Accounts the first user hits add to the Account will now be mapped to the honor Roll for existing agencies we've Identified the first user and

Automatically made them agency owners The agency owner has the privilege of Transferring ownership to another user But the option to do so is only visible To that owner so they can so you can Move it so if it's like misassigned you Can have it moved by that person fairly Easy agency admins cannot edit or delete The user with an agency under role so That person can't be deleted so that's Good um an agency owner can uh can't Demote their role to an admin or user Without transfer of ownership so you Can't like like get there can't be no Owner currently the agency owner will Continue to have similar access to the HD admin role and notes we've uh we we Have completed the migration of existing Agencies that made the respective user Energy owner an email has been sent ah So the so anybody who got marked as an Urge today I got an email saying Hey Listen you're the owner uh blah blah Blah um there is a big support doc that Goes through all of this so I highly Recommend you uh look at it understand The agency on a role in your agency Account what you need to know Um and then of course here's some Screenshots that kind of show you you Know the drop down that shows you owner Look at that I'm the owner I guess of The high level account and then uh here You can see how you transfer ownership

If you are the owner uh and then as you Can see here please transfer account Ownership to change these role because That just shows you can't actually take Yourself out of being the owner oh and Then finally there's an email that you Would have gotten uh if you are the Owner on an account today so anyways That is sort of what's behind all of This um and again a lot of the Communication stuff that we used to do Is probably still in place I don't think We've radically gone back and fixed that Yet or changed that but it will probably Get updated in the very near term now That we have this out so anyways um kind Of a housekeeping on it but I think a Really good one awesome job to the team For making this happen Um so if you have any questions Obviously as always let us know Otherwise I hope you're having an Awesome Wednesday and we will see you Tomorrow with more amazing updates Thanks