[GLIVE] Free Website Mini-Course TODAY (Free Bonus For Live Attendees)

SHOW: [GLIVE] Free Website Mini-Course TODAY (Free Bonus For Live Attendees)
HOST: Simon Leung

The FREE affiliate marketing mini-course is scheduled to start in the next few hours.

Have you registered and promoted so we can conduct the entire training on your behalf, while still potentially earning you affiliate commissions?

Join us for all the last-minute details (and FREE BONUS) you won’t want to miss out on.

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0:00 – INTRO
2:12 – Free Website Building Mini-Course Schedule
5:44 – Website Building Mini-Course Official Page
9:00 – One-page Affiliate Marketing
12:13 – GrooveAsia Official Affiliate Page
17:33 – GrooveAsia Official Facebook Page
19:55 – Website Building Mini-course Bonus
21:35 – Groove Freedom Day
27:00 – Member’s Promotions
29:37 – Comments and Questions
35:01 – OUTRO

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