GrooveFunnels Vs HBA Funnel Builder. Product and Affiliate Programs Review.

Are you a Groove Funnels User or considering starting a plan with then or another page building service. You may want to watch this video before you make up your mind.

Groove funnels has a free plan to start out with but as with anything free, you are going to need to upgrade to really dive deep into their benefits. You are limited to just 3 websites and only get %20 commissions in their affiliate program.

The next level up is their platinum plan which is $299/month, or if you want a lifetime access set price, you will need to pay 2 monthly payments of $799 each and then they will also give you a bump on your affiliate commissions to 40%

So is there an alternative to this platform. I am thrilled to tell you there most certainly is and I actually would not label it an “alternative”.

The Home Business Academy offers a funnel builder for the wopping price of $25/month which includes everything from unlimited pages and funnels, to a copy and paste widget so you never have to make a section again. You also get unlimited URL Redirects, done for you funnels and templates, and a LIVE Zoom Mastermind each month with an open platform to ask any questions you may have or make comments to the leaders and Co-Founders of the Home Business Academy.

If you have your own business, there is a built in store to sell digital or physical products in house. If you are a busy, on the go person, no worries, there is also a built in booking widget allowing your clients, and prospects to book and appointment at any given time without needing your assistance at all. They simply visit your page, pick there time and date and it’s as easy as that.

As for the affiliate side of things, the Home Business Academy pays 80% residual monthly commissions on every sale made by you so long as that person remains a user. So the Builder is $25 dollars a month, but after 2 sales, is basically free to you, one sale and your only paying $5/month.

If you like what you see and here, here is my link for the builder:

I am certain a am forgetting or not able to cover something that this builder can and will do.

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0:14 My video of Click Funnels Vs The HBA Funnel Builder.
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2:35 A free feature of the HBA Funnel Builder.
3:16 Sneak peak of the HBA Funnel Builder.
3:53 Availability to be the administrator of some else’s account with the HBA builder.
5:52 How do you find out more?

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