How To Whitelabel Your Desktop App

Foreign [Music] Hey everyone Welcome to our quick Tutorial and for today I'm going to show You how to White Label your desktop app So first off you need to have already Logged in to your agency And then go to settings Go to company Then if you scroll down all the way here You'll see white label domain so what Does this do So when you white label your domain Whenever someone logs into your agency Or your system they can use this link Instead so you can customize it instead Of them or instead of you giving them The link to you can customize it Using your own domain so for example Let's say I'm going to use it for my Domain which is Hometown Realty So that will be the white label domain And then for the API domain You just need to put or use Link instead Of app so it's the same thing so link That Hometown So in order for you to make this word Um you need to go to your DNS record Go to your DNS provider and then like For example for GoDaddy This is how it looks so you have to Create a cname record and then the host

Should be app And it should point to And then once you're done with that Click save and so and once it saves then That's good to go so for the API link For the API you just need to create Another cname but this time for the host Just put in link and then points to So once you save those two Then you can go back and then just Update company and that saves both the White label domain and the API domain so I already talked earlier about the white Label domain what it is for so You can use this so once you're done Adding those records you can now use This link So whoever if you have other users or Sub accounts under you will be logging In to high level they can just use this Instead so you can give them this link And then for the API domain So instead of it instead of your form Showing Um for example for your calendars or Your forms showing that go high it it will now show your Domain so it will be customized as well So all right that's how you byte label Your desktop app if you have any other Questions don't hesitate to ask have a Good day Thanks for watching this short how-to

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