Including Custom Objects in Dashboards: Unlocking Advanced Visualization Features

Including Custom Objects in Dashboards: Unlocking Advanced Visualization Features


HighLevel, the leading platform for marketing automation and client management, has once again impressed its users with a groundbreaking feature. The company has introduced a new capability that allows users to seamlessly embed objects and integrate them into their ghl Dashboard. This exciting development brings a whole new level of customization and advanced visualization options to HighLevel users.

Embedding Various Types of Content:

One of the key highlights of this feature is the ability to embed various types of content within the ghl Dashboard. Users can now include Google Data Studio reports, Google Docs, slideshows, YouTube videos, and even social media posts. This opens up endless possibilities for marketers and business owners looking to create engaging and interactive dashboards.

With this functionality, users can now showcase important data from Google Data Studio directly within their HighLevel Dashboard. This means that all the essential metrics and insights can be accessed from one centralized location. Furthermore, businesses can leverage the power of visual storytelling by embedding YouTube videos or slideshows to enhance their reporting and presentations.

Advanced Settings for Customization:

HighLevel has thoughtfully included advanced settings for users to customize the embedded objects in their dashboards. One such feature is the option to hide the title of the embedded object. This provides a cleaner and more streamlined look, allowing users to focus on the content and data itself. Additionally, users can adjust the size and position of embedded objects to fit their specific design preferences.

Ease of Use and Implementation:

HighLevel understands the importance of user-friendly features, and this new embedding capability is no exception. The process of including custom objects in dashboards is simple, intuitive, and can be done with just a few clicks. This ensures that users can quickly and effortlessly incorporate their desired content into their ghl Dashboards, saving them valuable time and effort.

In conclusion, HighLevel’s new feature allows users to unlock advanced visualization features by seamlessly embedding custom objects into their ghl Dashboards. With the ability to include various types of content and access advanced settings, marketers and business owners can create engaging and interactive dashboards that effectively showcase their data. HighLevel continues to impress with its user-centric approach and commitment to innovation.


Including Custom Objects in Dashboards: Unlocking Advanced Visualization Features


Embedding Various Types of Content

Advanced Settings for Customization

Ease of Use and Implementation