Mandatory A2P 10DLC has been announced please be ready!

Hey everybody happy Monday Sean coming At you from high levels so I just got This uh email this morning and I think It is I just want to use it as a way to Continue the discussion but also alert You to what is I think a very big huge Kind of thing coming at all of us who Are sending text messages in the US so a Couple things let's walk this back so if You don't know what a2p 10 DLC is right So you can see this right sort of Somewhere in here I'm sure a2p10 DLC so Google that go read about it it's super Important and that's the whole point of This email so what this email is saying And and let's remember this is not a Twilio thing this is a carrier thing as Effective July 5th that is right around The corner all SMS and MMS messages sent To us phone numbers using 10 DLC phone Numbers that's like a lot that's like a Normal area code plus uh what a 10987 Digits right Um it is uh will be sent uh via a Registered ATP campaign this will Require additional time on setting up New phone numbers or new messaging Campaign blah blah blah basically They're saying you have to register with A2p or if you send messages using Unregistered phone numbers they will be Subject to a gradual increase of message Blocking by twilio beginning on July 5th Ultimately leading to a full block of

All U.S bound messages sent after August 31st 2023 that means as of August 31st 2023 if you are not registered with ATP 10 DLC your messages will not go through Period full stop doesn't matter so if You haven't heard any of the other Videos we put out or talks about this Please hear this because this is no Longer an optional feature we knew this Was coming and today they have set the Date for this this is a carrier related Thing so it doesn't matter whether You're with twilio or it doesn't matter If you're some other provider it doesn't Matter how you do this if you are not Registered also there's another quick Thing if you are not registered with A2p10 DLC and you're sending messages on Behalf of a business you're also doing It in a way that is against carrier Guidelines so just be wary of the fact That if you get caught doing this I have I don't know how far they're going to Take this but I could see some Consequences so just be careful about That make sure you're doing this through Some actual certified ATP 10 DLC entity Um obviously twilio is the one that We've built on ourselves but just However you do it doesn't matter to me Just make sure that you're doing it in The right way so anyways um I've had the Questions thrown out well what if we're Not in the United States here's the

Thing these are US carriers they don't Care where you're from you're going to Have to create a US entity one of the Things I've suggested people look at is There's a product from stripe called Atlas but there's a million different Ways to create U.S entities in fact in Fact I saw a study recently where Creating U.S entities is almost easier Than creating a business in almost any Other country of the world over so it's Totally possible but one way or another I think you're gonna have to stand up U.S entity if you choose to buy us phone Numbers now of course if you have us Clients obviously they have used Entities and therefore it doesn't really Matter so all that to say I know this is A long video I just really want to get Across this message that we have been That you know they've really thrown down The the dates here we know exactly when The cutoff is going to be and actually Right here they uh one quick thing it Says a new error code oops a new error Code 30034 and it's basically just gonna say Not registered for A2p10.tloc did not send so that's coming Down Um obviously on our side We already launched the sole prop Registration so any type of business can Register um we have all the help

Documentation on this ready to go we Will continue to try to make this uh Easier we'll try to put this we're Actually going to make it so that in Order to buy a phone number you have to Do this registration Um one quick thing once you fill out the Registration that's not a guarantee that It's been accepted it's uh not a Guarantee that's been processed it does Take them time and we're not in control Of any of that unfortunately but this is A this is a serious deal if you haven't Done it please start today and as usual If you have any questions let us know Thanks