Opportunity Page V2 Upgrades Filters, sort by, custom css js, and upgraded exports are live!

Hey happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so actually I'm Redoing this video so for any of you who Have already saw the last one I Accidentally uh left something in there I shouldn't have so I took it out and Thanks to the person who mentioned it so Anyways real quick this video is about a Brand new set of upgrades to the new Version of the opportunities uh screen Um we'll go over this in just a second But you can see there's filters sort Custom JavaScript and CSS Sport and Export status and I'm just going to jump Into the screenshots here and let's take A look so this is so a couple things so First of all this is turning on in Labs So in a sub account I want you to go to Settings I want to go to labs and this Is the new opportunity view so first up Is Filters so check this out some really Cool stuff here so first of all you can See the filters and or you can bring Them together they're awesome they're Beautiful they're really well done and You can see and or right and then check This out so so for some of the filters Like including owner you used to only be Able to select one owner but now you can Actually select multiple which is Awesome uh and then you can see here uh Just kind of how that filter filter box Looks when it first pulls out so the Next obviously this is how the page

Looks I think the UI design is way Better than it used to be amazing job to The team there brand new sort by date Added but in this case we've added deal Value both ascending and descending so They did a great job there finally on The export um so you were able to export Before but now they've added it so that When the export is happening you'd Actually see a really cool status going On here during the export process you Can see exactly where it's at because Sometimes these exports could be quite Large and you can bring down a lot of Data with them and of course here's a Great example of CSS and JavaScript Where I lack because this is like this Is exactly what I would have done too Like turn it pink and then turn it hot Pink right so anyways but a lot this is Actually a really cool side note so Um we're in the new UI Library rolls out In all kinds of different places it's Actually disabling the ability to have JavaScript and CSS because we're redoing How uh how would that would work to make It more modular with the brand new UI ux Library rolling out but this is a great Example of where um that new UI ux Library is capable of custom code and They've gone back in and updated this Section the opportunity section to Support it so for those of you who have Custom service and custom CSS make sure

You can go actually start putting your Code back in here now and actually Customizing that so that's an amazing Job so real quick here just to go over It brand new filters as you can see Um last stage updated lead value Opportunity Etc improved filters so this Is the multi-select owner status and Campaign type pretty rocking if you ask Me this is huge and again how do you get To this in a sub account go to the lab Section turn make sure that the Opportunities Um uh I think it's called V1 is turned On and this is actually going to go live Regardless I think in like 30 days or Something it has the date there take a Look at it when you get a chance and on That note I hope you're having an Amazing Tuesday thanks